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Parents or people who work with children, what's your funniest story?

I lead children in a youth group and we have a segment after sessions sometimes called GB or General Business which is where the leaders tell each other funny stories about the children, trying hard to not mention names so as to not embarrass anyone.

3 years ago by AinBaya with 2 comments

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  • AinBaya

    I'll start it off. The children went with us to an amusement park yesterday. Not 25 minutes in, after I had been dragged to a water slide and two rides not to dissimilar to the teacup spinning ride but with cars, the child I am sitting next to in a car turns to me with slurred words saying ...make...it...stop... and then proceeded to Vomit his brains out in front of me, narrowly missing my right leg and shoes. He then got off and proceeded to eat a whole large bag of doritoes without me knowing and the whole thing happened again on the bumper cars 45 minutes later.

    • sea

      Reading that was a rollercoaster of emotions.