If you could choose just one thing to change about the world, what would it be?

I would want to change the worlds focus. I would want to settle the worlds differences and become one united planet working toward a common goal.

5 years ago by Csellite with 10 comments

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  • a7h13f

    Tribalism probably served us well when we were wandering deserts, moving from place to place in search of food. Another tribe, one that doesn't know your customs or language, is certainly a threat to be feared.

    However, those days are over. We're no wandering a group of wandering tribes. We're a global civilization. I can communicate with someone on the opposite side of the planet and experience no latency. We've explored not just our planet, but others as well. We have robots on Mars. Footprints on the moon. A probe built by us just hurtled past Pluto at incomprehensible speeds.

    Yet still, we maintain this tribal mindset. Everything has to be couched in terms of Us VS Them. It's time for it to stop. There is no "them" anymore. It's all us. We're all human - regardless of race, gender, sexuality, political leanings, or any of the other myriad ways in which we see the division over the unity. To the best of our knowledge, we're the first life form in the universe that's moved beyond looking out. In spite of our differences, we have still succeeded in performing countless feats of engineering and exploration that can only be described as miraculous. Imagine what we could do if we stopped bickering about the frivolous and started working together. We are a collective. We've evolved as a social species. It's far past time that we took full advantage of that.

  • Xeno

    I want to say increase the lifespan of dogs.... but you know, there are probably more universally beneficial things. Cliches like world peace, unity, etc.

  • ClarkKent

    I think we have to show love to one another more. Look I get it, someone walks by a homeless man and judges the appearance and his whole life in that one instance.

    Than a block later and walk by a dog that is as well wandering around and takes it home.

    We need to lift each other up and stop trying to find ways to bring each other down. I myself try to show my excitement for people who are doing good and not be one of those "one uppers" I never do that and I think we need to congratulate more.

    • Csellite

      I highly agree with this. This is how we get to become one instead of a divided many. Working for the greater good of humanity instead of for ourselves.

  • Raycu

    I want a larger world, a world which we can never stop exploring, where a final frontier never leaves us. I want a world so vast that we explore for thousands of miles in any direction and still find new land somehow. We have that world though, but I guess we have just yet to make the stars our own world. When the day comes that we do though, it saddens me that I won't be on the forefront, exploring the galaxies.

    • Csellite

      You may never be the one exploring our final frontier, you may be the one who sparks the fire to do so! Thanks for you input!

  • TheEnglishMajor (edited 5 years ago)

    I'd break down the language barriers. Everyone can understand and use every language. The words available to us would increase by a mind-shattering amount.

    Don't have a gender neutral pronoun in English, so it's almost impossible for a large portion of the population to consider a person outside of that binary? Well, guess what, now you have plenty different gender neutral pronouns from which to choose!

    Our language almost literally shapes our perception of reality. Until I knew the word schadenfreude, I couldn't access the idea of schadenfreude or identify its occurrence. Until I knew the word phobia, I could only say I was really, REALLY scared of the thing -- and that fell pretty short of reality.

    If we had access to the vocabulary sets available in other languages and to the cultural implications of those languages, I think we'd all understand each other a whole hell of a lot better. We'd have more empathy and more awareness of the systems at work around us.

    The implications here are, of course, farther reaching than a person like me could possibly anticipate (and would likely have some pretty terrible consequences), so it's probably a good thing I can't pop this into reality.

    That being said -- maybe I'd just have everyone grow up bilingual!

    EDIT and PS: Having a word for a thing legitimizes that thing. I bet depression could decrease too, if people could easily summarize and pin down what they're experiencing and observing!

    • Csellite

      Let me start off by saying I love your response. I completely agree. I have always wanted to learn another language. I have done my very best to learn German but have not done that great of a job. I would love to be able to see the world with new words and phrases to understand things. They do say communication is the most important part of a relationship. If this was applied to the bigger picture think of how much better we would get along with other countries and people from all over the world. How different would our relationship be? How different would our past, present and future be. This again can be applied to my personal response. Getting everyone to work for the greater good of humanity. Becoming one instead of many divided and fighting among ourselves. I truly wish that I was brought up bilingual. Even though I wasn't I will continue to work at learning more languages. Thank you for your response!

      • TheEnglishMajor

        Good luck in your learnings! (Duolingo is a great, free tool for acquiring a foreign language.) And I completely agree -- foreign relations would improve exponentially without the misunderstandings that arise from language barriers!

        • Csellite

          I have used duolingo and it is a great way to learn! I'll keep on it.