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What's your favorite genre of music?

Me: EDM, Rap, (Some) Pop.

1 year ago by paddystacks with 8 comments

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  • Maternitus (edited 1 year ago)

    Diverse styles of rock music (not really rock, more blues is Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and the almighty Electric Light Orchestra)
    Some types of metal (from Judas Priest to Dimmu Borgir is a sweet musical journey)
    Old school rap (the likes of Schoolly D, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, not too much frivolity)

    And then tonnes of music which your memory collects over the years, hearing it on the radio or in public somewhere. Also the music I have once heard, couldn't get the name of the song and artist, years of unconscious searching ensues and finally the day arrives, you have it. Then the memory of the song sounded either way worse than the original or way better, which is rare in my case. Examples of songs that kept me searching for years without knowing the title and artist are: Heroes by David Bowie and this one was even weirder, since I can "sing" the entire song, start to finish all lyrics correct (no phonetic singing) and hmmm the melodies quite exact: Steve Harley (and Cockney Rebel) - Make me smile. There are many more of those songs, either already unveiled for me or still in the "humming-phase", but those searches gave me such a rich musical library, well, it takes about a lifetime to listen, enjoy and empathize the music. Yeah.

    There are so many examples of music I like, it is hard to put all of that in nice boxes to describe it all. I think music is part of our nature, since everything vibrates and has energy frequencies. It's all around us and plays a significant role in every human's life. I guess. :-)

    Good question. Makes one go through a lot of songs for a while. :-)

  • junglman

    Anything really, as long as the production value is high. Top 40 stuff.

    • funhonestdude

      Same here. I find myself downloading the most recent Billboard Charts every month or two to keep up with all the new good tracks.

  • drank

    Progressive rock mostly. Some country.

  • shwarber

    70s, 80s, 90s. 99.9% of new music is terribad

    • Gozzin

      True that. I like Celtic music,especially instrumental.

  • FF88

    Do podcasts count? If so, if I'm listening to something it's usually a podcast.

  • aj0690

    Hip-hop mostly. But the new autotune and trap garb has GOT TO GO.