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After the watch, what do you think Apple's big new gadget will be?

4 years ago by 8mm with 13 comments

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  • stoa

    The iGlass/iGlasses.

    • ttubravesrock

      iView or something like that maybe.

      I think VR is the next Apple gadget other than upgrades of existing gadgets.

      • Nerdbiscuit

        Surely they'd use the old iSight moniker, wouldn't they? It's too good!

        • ttubravesrock

          That would be good too... or maybe iEye?

          • Nerdbiscuit

            And if it only covers one eye, you get a bonus pirate joke. I'm in.

  • BucksinSixxx

    Aren't there rumors of them working on a car? Possibly that. I'd also like to see an actual TV, and not just something that connects to your existing one.

    • capoti

      That would require a hell of a lot of money, something they actually have. 200 billion if I'm not mistaken.

  • ishana

    A Holographic device, Microsoft almost releasing Hololens with a Field Of View (FOV) problem now we wait for Apple and Google...

  • Nerdeiro

    Apple sold one the first consumer digital cameras back in 1994, the QuickTake, and earlier this year they tanked GoPro's stock simply by acquiring a patent on a camera model.

    A very small apple camera with 4K recording on a rugged case to compete with GoPro would sell like hot cakes.

  • ColonBowel

    The Apple iApple. It's a speaker in the shape of an apple that connects via bluetooth and WiFi.

  • MogwaiOnFace

    Fully furnished homes, fully connected, fully expensive as heck