Are there any Snapzu Android apps in the works?

Besides loading it via web browser, I'd like to see a mobile app. After searching around and seeing that there are none, are there any in the works that you know of?

9 years ago by sixstorm with 3 comments

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    I'm not sure if any are as of yet. The API needs to get out first.

    I know there are a few people that are waiting to try their hands at making an app though.


    I would assume so but I am unsure. A site that is looking for success always needs to have a snappy app and I have faith in Snapzu. I myself am part of the android masterace and was disappointed to not find one myself.

    • CubeFan

      I too was a little bummed there wasn't an app, but I'm not totally surprised nor upset. Snapzu is drawing in people from all over, meaning at some point the userbase as well as the admins will start generating apps for the website. That's my speculation, at least.