What's your favorite country or state anthem?

Going to be predictably biased here, but my vote is for the South Carolina state song, "Carolina!". On top of being a genuinely beautiful song, it also to me speaks powerfully about the history of South Carolina as a state (ex. "Eutaw's battle bed" referencing the Battle of Eutaw Springs), and how that has affected our current sense of pride for being South Carolinians (ex. "they shall not touch thy noble heart").

So what's you all's favorites? You can of course also name official songs for provinces/prefectures/etc.

7 years ago by IridescentOak with 2 comments

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  • Nelson

    I know it sounds crazy, but the Russian national anthem is actually really good.

    • IridescentOak

      No, I agree! The Soviet anthem, which the new anthem is sung to the tune of, also sounds pretty great, imo.