Is this really what pulls audiences?

And with this, I mean this. And I don't mean the subject of the banner, I wish more people would visit /t/women, but I mean the fullscreen overlay.

It always bothers me when I visit other sites, when these types of things obscure the content I was reading.

So I'm asking my fellow snapzites, do these fullscreen banners keep you reading said sites?

7 years ago by madjo with 9 comments

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  • SevenTales

    If it pops up before my reading, or after, I don't care all that much. If it interrupts my reading the article, there's a special kind of hell for people who do this.

  • aj0690

    I've seen this before but only when logged out of my account.

    • madjo

      I was logged out too, when I encountered this. So it may only appear when people are logged out on Snapzu.

  • Fuyu

    Hey, I'm famous!

    As for being on topic, I really hate those banners. It's so annoying, especially when it's a delayed popup so I'm already reading and it interrupts me. I pretty much refuse to do anything those popups say, and if I can, I'll do the opposite just to be spiteful.

  • madjo

    Hmm, how do I find out what the reason for the downvote was?

    • Boudicca

      I think there's a random down voter lurking about again possibly. I've noticed this on a few posts now that haven't warranted it.

      • Appaloosa

        Or it may be a mistake

        • Boudicca

          Shirley shome mishtake. The Connery effect.