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who/what started snapzu?

see above:

3 years ago by imokruok with 6 comments

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  • AdelleChattre (edited 3 years ago)

    I wasn’t around at the beginning, only finding this place a couple years ago. People talk, word gets around, you hear things. Not much about our hosts, though. They may be with us now, we wouldn’t know. They’ve probably been here all along, right? Because it makes more sense than not.

    As far as I know, our only actual user liaison to The Powers That Booze is the first supermoderator and their fellow boozehound, /u/DrunkenNinja. He may have more to reveal. Or, maybe, one of our lurking hosts may choose to announce themselves. Since you’ve asked in /t/asksnapzu and everything, right?

    The rest of the puzzle is still just pieces, for me. They cover the costs out of pocket, and fanatically refuse to even think about any sort of advertising on the site. Even the discreet and tasteful kind sites like Metafilter run from that outfit The Deck. There are several of them, and at least every so often a quorum is formed in a North American city in the Pacific Northwest and drinks are had. Work on the site takes place in more than one hemisphere. With the influx that hit during Paogate, the servers have been upgraded, and parameters tuned, so there’s much more capacity to handle load than back then. If I had to guess, I’d say the Internet point of presence had moved away from the Pacific Coast and into the Rockies, but that could be the new server clock being off.

    Hard question. Hope to find some of that out right along with you.

    • kxh

      According to that post you linked to /u/gladsdotter has also reached level 50 and is a super moderator. Whatever exactly that means. You are not too far off that either. Is it possible to keep going beyond level 50 I wonder?

      • AdelleChattre (edited 3 years ago)

        She was the second, which is an astonishing achievement, Then, /u/jcscher was next, not long ago. Me, I’m nowhere near it. Each level is geometrically harder to reach. At best, I reckon I may’ve gotten halfway there. They say you keep gaining XP, but theoretically the next level after that would be very far off in the distance.

  • [Deleted Profile]

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  • imokruok

    no real answers. Blazej Kozlowski? who is..