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What is that recurent dream you never seem to complete or one recurent one that you find interesting for whatever reason?

For me it is one where I have both magic and a highly advanced motor bike that can transform into a jet ski. I get assinged to rescue someone I dont remember whom but I end up infiltrating the enemy base everything goes nicely until some guard notices me I sap him with a lightning spell but it is too late and the alarm goes off I proceed to summon my bike and ride deeper into the base until I fall into the sewers I there find an ally that is an awsome marksman so we head to the control tower I drive he gets rid of evryting in our path. We end up destroying the security systems of the the tower and then I wake up it really frustrating but awsome to relive this dream once in a while

Btw prepare for frustration as the stories that dont end pile up

4 years ago by Aticusdarklord with 8 comments

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  • mangobird

    My most frequent recurring dream is that I'm at a grocery store or restaurant and I'm trying to decide on the perfect thing to eat. No matter how long the dream lasts, it never ends with me deciding on something and finally eating it. But I never wake up hungry, so I think it's more about anxiety over too many choices than food.

  • Clockwork

    When I was younger, around the age of 7, I always had a nightmare that a bunch of decapitated baby heads were attacking me. I'm pretty sure that it was fueled by me watching Toy Story all the time. I also remember that it was my first Lucid dream. I remember thinking to pinch myself because I might be dreaming, and I actually did it, so I just started wishing up more happy things.

  • spammusbi

    It's not the SAME dream, but I have dreams a lot of me grinding my teeth and they start chipping, then they start falling out. The teeth will start falling out and I have like a mirror view on what it looks like coming out. It is the most uncomfortable feeling ever.

  • leetmoaf

    When I was little, I always had the exact same dream whenever I got the flu.

    The dream always involved somebody scolding me, followed by me getting stressed, and then "fast traveling" (imagine moving from place to place without using muscles) to where somebody else would be scolding me on how dangerous it was to fast travel, or something along those lines, to which I would fast travel again. The feelings I had from the dreams were always consistent as well. Between fast travels, I had this overwhelming sense of calm about me, but as soon as I arrived to a scolding 'station', I would instantly lose that, and have some sort of sensory overload while being scolded.

    It was super weird, and eerily consistent.

    • Aticusdarklord

      I had something similar but with fevers I would see the things in different sizes some would become big others small others would remain the same I dont know how to explain the sensation I had from it but it was terrifying

  • NstealthL

    This is one from my childhood that I always remember:

    I'm around five years old. I wake up in my parent's bed next to my mom. The entire room is white; the walls, the ceilings, objects, people. A visual pattern similar to Mad World, but without the bright red blood. My dad is curiously missing, so, being a nosy kid, I go hunting for him in the middle of the night. Our house is the same but different at the same time,like the hallways being longer. I walk down the stairs, and as I peek around the corner to see where our kitchen/living-room should be, I see one giant room instead. Everything is missing. Our furniture, our counter-tops, our cabinets, everything save for one chair ominously in the center of the room. My dad is sitting there, facing me. In front of him, with their backs to me, are three dark strangers. When they notice my father looking at me they start to turn around. As they turn around, I wake up.

    This was a recurring dream for me for about a year or so, and I still don't know what happens...

    • Aticusdarklord

      That seemed terifing. Did you feel it as a nightmare or just a dream? And if you pardon th intrusion is your father still witnh you?

      • NstealthL (edited 4 years ago)

        No intrusion! My father is still with me and my parents aren't divorced.

        And honestly, the first couple times I probably viewed it as a nightmare, but I can't remember ever waking up in sweats or going running to my parents from this particular dream. I've certainly had one-instance nightmares where I refused to stay in my own bed but that was never really the case with this dream. It was just...weird? It's always given off a creepy/uncomfortable/skin-crawling/goose-bumps vibe, but never sheer terror.

        Anyone studied dream analysis? Curious to know