When was your "too good to be true" moment?

6 years ago by 90boss with 6 comments

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  • Nerdbiscuit

    When my best female friend and roommate agreed to cuddle on Christmas Eve morning. Cue the best and worst six months of my life.

    • double2

      Wait. Were you involved in this "cuddle"?

      • Nerdbiscuit

        Oh, yes. My best friend (who also happened to be my roommate) agreed to cuddle with me. Context!

        • double2

          OK...I thought your best female friend and your roommate were two different people! Now I've read it differently!

  • Splitfish

    When I got my first car, I just couldn't believe it was all mine. Best spent 500 bucks ever.

  • BucksinSixxx

    I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to move in together and she said yes.