What would you do, if you only had the time?

7 years ago by Zeus with 5 comments

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  • spectregris

    I would write, I haven't had time in years, and I'm afraid that the lack of it has destroyed my writing voice. Though I still have ideas I play around with I just never write them down. Hopefully one day I can find my way back to it (a 10 minuets a day thing or something else)

  • smithcmau

    Two things. I would like to learn more about cars and woodworking. My grandfather was an amazing man that knew how to build and fix just about anything. I know that I made him proud by becoming a veterinarian, but I can never tell him how much I looked up to him for the things that he could do. Having written this much, I think I would like to change my answer. If I had the time back, I wish I could spend more of it with him.