Does anybody on here have a last.fm account?

I was thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to create our own little last.fm group because it could also be a way of self-promoting Snapzu and getting people interested. If you don't know what last.fm is, it's a website that shows what you're listening to by "scrobbling" artists with the last.fm scrobbling app that you can download and use to your heart's content. It's an idea I've had as a long time last.fm user, so I as curious what you guys thought about that.

7 years ago by babymeta1 with 5 comments

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  • LoboPreto

    Sure let's do this. I've had an account since 2006, the name is Doughnutking. I'm mostly a Hip-Hop Head but I also like Hip-Hop instrumentals, Electronic, Chillstep, Trap, Trip-Hop, Funk, R&B, and Soul.

  • BucksinSixxx

    Sure do, add me chajimak. I listen to a lot of hip hop, indie, electronic, and rock sub-genres.

  • MrY

    For a second I thought you said ask.fm

  • papervoid

    I've had an account since 2005! The graphs are always a fun thing to poke around. However, an unfortunate teen identity crisis led me to reset my scrobbles in 2008 so there's a huge chuck missing in my musical history.

  • redalastor (edited 7 years ago)

    I asked for the refund they offered when they stopped sending music directly and tried to search for the corresponding Youtube video.