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When and Why do you decide to give up something you like?

Maybe a person or letting go of a pet or possibly you quit a great job or gave up a hobby?

4 years ago by Qukatt with 5 comments

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  • jenjen1352

    When the conflict of interest becomes too great.

  • OldTallGuy (edited 4 years ago)

    Most decisions come down to short term enjoyment versus long term benefits, there will always be regrets no matter which way you choose.

    Can I justify playing a couple of rounds of golf every week while I'm trying to save money to send two kids to college? $50 extra every week in the bank over 4 or 5 years can really add up, but golf was also the time I got together with my buddies every week. It's sad that I've lost touch with those friends since then but my kids got through college and are thriving.

    Edit: Grammer

  • stitches

    When the bad outweighs the good.
    In the last couple of years I've stopped drinking booze and it became more and more clear that I had a really unhealthy relationship with it, even when the good times were good the bad were really terrible.
    Unfortunately I've had to let a very close but very toxic friendship go too after over ten years of being friends.
    They're two of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

    • Qukatt

      Toxic friends are the hardest to give up, especially if you're anything like me and long term friends are hard to come by for whatever reason.

      • stitches

        I think you can only make excuses for someone for so long, the ex-friend in question has a lot of issues and I have tried to help over the years and let things go because of it but I just got to a point where I had to cut ties. It's been really sad in many ways but I am so much better off now.