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/t/poland/ vs /t/polska/

There are 2 tribes that are dedicated to Polish issues: /t/poland/ and /t/polska/. I almost always post in both of them when I have a Polish snap. /t/poland/ has 3 members and no chief. /t/polska/ has 8 members and a chief. However, its chief, /u/Izziss/, has not posted anything anywhere on Snapzu in 6 years. Does it make sense to have two active tribes that serve identical purposes? This isn't like /t/life and /t/living which are similar, have some overlap, but are not identical. Would it be advisable/permissible/effective/possible/a good idea etc. to merge the tribes? Thanks/Dzięki

1 year ago by LisMan with 2 comments

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  • AdelleChattre (edited 1 year ago)

    For a while after the biggest Reddit influx, there was a sizable crowd of language enthusiasts making themselves at home on Snapzu. They were many, and their appreciation for languages was inseparable from those respective cultures themselves. /t/Brasil, /t/Italia, /t/Polska IIRC, and the others were relatively active, plus they went further and asked for snaps to be published there as well as at the tribes with English names for those places and peoples. Made perfect sense, too. These were by and large fascinating types with much to discuss, and it was a natural fit. They used these languages, were of these cultures. They were, essentially, the world at large.

    There's where it all went horribly, horribly wrong. As with so many from that influx, these people just wanted to find a place less festooned with swastikas and less tolerant of problematic edgelord trolls. They intended to moderate, became tribal chiefs and built their tribes, worked and played hard at Snapzu. Really turned out to play ball. TeamSnapzu, harried by the influx and frightened of its users, banned all such foreigner talk. They faded completely, but as nice as can be about a bad call like that.

    So /t/Brasil is a ghost town. /t/Brazil doesn't even have the ghosts. If there's a problem here, it's not overlap.

    • LisMan

      Damn, I'm sorry to read that. Co za wielka szkoda. I suppose that I'll continue to post in both of them. I wish that I could become the chief of /t/poland, but my caretaking duties at home will not allow me to do so.