[Offer] I'll Draw For Food- Digital and Pencil Artist

Sup, guys. I'm here to not only make your experience at /t/artrequest great, but to also offer my services. After all, the leader of an art tribe must be an artist, right? Let me introduce myself to break the provervial ice here. I'm an art student in college, and signing up for requests is not only a great way to kill time doing something I love, it's the fastest way to build up my portfolio. I excel at drawing humans, but I can draw mostly anything if you ask me to!

If you need a sense of my style and format, here is my instagram: https://instagram.com/davidalexanderarango/

I tend to prefer graphite (lead pencil) drawings, but I'm getting a better computer soon. With a better computer comes digital art, so that'll be another thing you guys can ask for. I'm up for drawing anything, but as I have other requests active, it might take a little while.

Anyways, that's me, urbanknight4! I hope you'll find my pieces to your liking, and I hope you have a great time here!

By the way, I'm not really drawing for food lol. We can figure something out per post, but if your request is light enough we can skip a price.

8 years ago by Urbanknight4

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