Welcome to /t/artrequest!

Do you have a great idea for a drawing or painting, but lack the skills or time to make it? Do you lack the aforementioned skills but lack the imagination? Fret and worry no more! This tribe was made with you in mind!

Users can post requests to draw, paint, sculpt, etc whatever they can imagine, and artists will pick up these requests as they come. Payment isn't exactly necessary, but some requests would perhaps be deserving of some sort of compensation. For example, if you request requires a lot of time to make, or if it requires special equipment, then you should probably try to make it worth the artist's while to fulfill your request. More on this can be found in the sidebar.

Make sure to read all the stickies here before posting! There are guidelines you'll use and rules to follow, but the most important one is to have fun! This tribe was made to make art that wouldn't normally be made otherwise, so let's have fun while we make some special art!

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8 years ago by Urbanknight4

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