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Hello, and welcome to /t/artrequests! First and foremost, I'd like to wish you a great time here as you request art, offer your services, or even browse posts for any art you may find interesting. The way this tribe's posts will be organized is easy. A tag will show our members, in an easy and quick manner, what kind of post they're looking at. A tag is as follows:

[REQUEST] Batman riding a unicycle

Posts will be divided in three categories:

-Request -Offer -Discussion

The requests category is obvious: if you need art done or have a fantastic idea, etc, make your post with the [REQUEST] tag.

The offer tag will be applied to posts by artists that want to provide their services. For example:

[OFFER] Strapping young artist looking to draw you like his French girls

And lastly, the discussion tag will be used for anything that can be discussed about this tribe or art in general, as long as it doesn't get too off track with the requests theme. For example, you can post a discussion where you ask for feedback to your work, or where you ask which technique is best for whatever. DON'T, however, post about art in general or something. This is /t/artrequests, we're here to help you and make art, but this isn't /t/art. Example:

[DISCUSSION] Will this drawing look better colored?

Don't do this:

[DISCUSSION] Neocubism is a great expression of the atomic age

I love art, but c'mon, guys.

Anyways, love for everyone, may your creativity be boundless and your pencils sharp! Lets make some art, people!

PS: ignore the old, tagless posts. The tag rule wasn't implemented back then.

8 years ago by Urbanknight4

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