Different Types of wallpapers

Wallpaper has been used to cover walls and provide a decorative aspect to interior spaces since before the 18th century. It first appeared during the Renaissance as a less expensive alternative to tapestries, which were used by the wealthy to cover stone walls, keep the heat out, and add colour to their rooms. Earlier wallpaper contained scenes rather than designs, and England and France were the two largest producers. In the late 19th century, high-quality wallpaper singapore production started as well. Since it was hand painted and expensive, it was mainly found in palaces.

  1. Wallpaper with a border:- This kind of wallpaper, also known as lining paper, is made of paper or fibreglass. It's good for covering flaws in the wall and reducing repairs, and it can even be used as a foundation for more fragile wallpaper. It can be used by itself and even decorated. It's also easy to apply and delete.

  2. Wallpaper that has been printed:- This style is common and comes with a wide range of colours and patterns. Digitally printed wallpaper is usually less expensive than hand-printed wallpaper, because it can be mass-produced, but it can be quickly ripped. Furthermore, since the printing ink is water-based, it can not be used in kitchens or toilets.

  3. Wallpaper made of vinyl:- This style of wallpaper is made up of printed paper that has been covered with a vinyl sheet. Because of its high longevity, it is probably the most widely used type of wallpaper. The wallpaper would be more stable if the vinyl covering film is thicker. Vinyl paper is suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms due to its ability to resist steam. It can even be cleaned, making it simple to maintain.

  4. Wallpaper in Foil:- This type's base is polished metal foil, which gives the interior room a gleaming metallic appearance. Foil wallpaper highlights wall flaws due to its high reflectivity. As a result, the base wall must first be reinforced, treated, or lined with lining tape. The lining and adhering method must be precise enough to prevent the foil from losing its reflectivity and shine.

  5. Wallpaper of a flock:- Flock wallpaper is distinguished by its fuzzy three-dimensional shapes, which are formed by printing a velvet-like fibre on a paper frame. It is one of the most costly varieties of wallpaper, but it is still one of the most difficult to preserve. Its velvety texture exudes elegance, but it is not washable and can be difficult to clean. As a result, it's ideal for low-traffic areas like the master bedroom or guest suite.

  6. Wallpaper of Mylar:- Mylar wallpaper is made up of a coloured paper base with a polyester layer on top. It has a wet or glossy look, identical to foil wallpaper, and it even shows wall flaws, so it's best to line the walls first. Mylar wallpaper can be washed with the polyester film, which is also simple to clean. However, the installation process should be handled with extra caution to prevent creasing the paper. Kitchens and baths are the most popular places to find it.

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