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How did you get into the "Hitchhiker's Guide" universe

There are many many routes into the H2G2 universe, most of which gloriously contradict each other.

Which one brought you in?

3 years ago by CuppaMatt with 7 comments

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  • ColonBowel

    I have always been into theoretical physics, although I'm not a physicists at all. I kept running into posts about the book on Reddit, while at the same time read George Gamow's 1 2 3 Infinity, so I checked it out one day and started cracking up from the beginning. It's very clever, starting with the improbability drive.

    • CuppaMatt

      I do like the Infinite Improbability drive as a concept, it's so very..... neat in it's sillyness.

  • Pantera

    Honestly I watched the movie. I had to have surgery and was going to be off work for 2 or 3 weeks so I bought the book. I read all of it in a few days. I gave it to my son and he's read it a few times himself.

    • xef6

      I know that people don't like the movie, but as a kid I loved it. Especially the bit about the whale and the petunia got me particularly interested in the whole thing.

      • Pantera

        Yes but that you won't get unless you read the book. The movie left a lot out but I still enjoyed it.

  • CuppaMatt

    The books brought me in personally. My geography teacher in high school told us a story of a "cow that was genetically bread to want to be eaten" in a book he was reading. It sounded amusing so I picked up the first one from the school library and never looked back.

  • iamyou

    I picked up Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency second-hand a few (or maybe a lot of) years ago and have been in love with Douglas Adams's writing style ever since.