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Published 3 years ago with 1 Comments

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  • sepsinn

    Firing employees that did some of the name changes will not fix the internal culture of Comcast. It is painfully apparent, as a Comcast customer, that there is a culture of disrespect within the company. From the scripts that CSAs read, to how the techs that go out and fix problems; when customers are viewed as the problem/too stupid to know what they are talking about, that is a corporate culture thing. Sure, not every customer is a tech wizard, but that doesn't mean they are stupid; but the ones that are tech savvy (can access/read router logs) get treated the same way. (sorry CSA but the log says something that you do not understand; the update sent from comcast's servers failed...that implies it isn't my router that is at fault here.)

    And heaven forbid you run an os that isn't on the golden script. 'Sir, you run linux, we don't support that.' I didn't call for computer support, I called because the modem isn't working; has NOTHING to do with my os. You asked me what os am I running, windows or osx; for what? The problem is the router; when only the power light on the router is lite, how is that a problem with the os? Could you try and ping my router, please? 'Ooookay, just a moment...........Oh, your router is offline (as I had been trying to get you to understand for 20 fucking minutes now).... Let me try something.' Thank you. Every....fucking....time......(at this point, it feels like on a weekly basis; but at least once a month.)

    Rude nick names internally is problem, but only points to something more insidious within the culture of Comcast. I am fairly sure that my account has an unflattering name associated with it from the CSAs; and I dont care, they use it as a warning that the script wont work and that I run linux. If that is what is making the CSAs hostile toward me, that is still unprofessional on their part. I try to not be hostile, but I can only take hostility for so long before I give it back, in spades.

    Got long winding......sorry.

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