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Published 1 year ago with 0 Comments

Choosing the Right CMS: WordPress VS Sitefinity

Website development is not a child’s play. You cannot get your website developed today and decide on changing it tomorrow. There is a whole lot of things attached to the task of web development like the search engine ranking of your website, the widespread use of your website, the content, URLs, traffic, leads, etc. Therefore, you cannot decide to migrate your website or redesign it any sooner after its launch

  • So, the right decision regarding a website design and development must be taken right in the beginning of the development process.

    There are a number of serious decisions that you need to take before you start getting your website developed. For instance, choosing between an in-house web developer and a .NET web development company, deciding about the layout of your website, your graphic designs, features, social media optimization, etc. One such decision that plays a crucial role in the performance of your website is deciding about which CMS to use.

    While choosing a Content Management System (CMS) there is certainly a fierce competition between the two most famous CMSs – WordPress and Sitefinity.

    Let’s have a look at how these two differ in various ways, and which one is best for you:

    1) The Suitability Of Your Website and Web Content

    WordPress makes around 25% of the internet, which means that 25% of the websites are developed using WordPress as a CMS. However, in the beginning, WordPress was created as a blogging platform. Although the CMS has evolved over so many years, the pattern of web development with WordPress is somewhat the same.

    If you want your web development company to create a full-fledged website using WordPress, it usually requires the third-party plugins. But that is not the case with Sitefinity.

    Sitefinity comes with numerous features and plugins so as to help you created a fully-featured website that doesn’t gyrate around the write-and-post pattern.

    For those who want to start off a website as a blog, WordPress is a matchless selection for you, but for those seeking a full-fledged website, Sitefinity is the answer. You can get your website developed through the experts delivering Sitefinity development services.

    2) From The Security Point Of View

    In recent times, there has been a great increase in the number of experts delivering best Sitefinity development & integration services.

    The reason behind this is that a number of website owners are demanding to switch to a better CMS other than WordPress.

    This is because, with WordPress, the website owners have been facing a number of security issues. The issue arises with the WordPress plugins that can cause a great damage to your website and its performance and harm it on a permanent basis.

    For this reason, there is a great demand of the best .NET web development company. The Sitefinity CMS is based on the .NET coding which is written strongly and with dynamism.

    The .NET code meets the security standards by going through the security reviews and allows the users to permit what data is to be accepted within the fields. Thus, when it comes to ensuring the security of your website, you must choose Sitefinity over WordPress. You can get professional help by selecting the best Sitefinity development services.

    3) Boosting Your Online Presence Through Marketing

    For the implementation of best marketing practices through your website, you need to make sure that your website offers a flexible usage, has a better UI/UX design, boosts your SEO outputs, and offers scalability.

    All these features are found in the websites created with Sitefinity while on the other hand WordPress is not suited the best for marketing of the websites. Therefore, if you want to create a feature-rich business website that needs a continuous promotion and marketing, Sitefinity must be your best pick for a CMS. You can choose from any of the best Sitefinity development & integration services, for help.

    To sum it up, the war between both the CMSs has been won by Sitefinity. This is because, Sitefinity serves the best to people looking for a fully-functional, secure, and professional business website.

    However, for those looking forward to creating a blog or a cost-effective website – there is never a harm to go with WordPress!

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