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The Gifted Pavel Kozlov Pro Russian Wrestler

  • The Gifted Pavel Kozlov

    Pavel Kozlov was an oddity in the family of mathematicians who broke the chain harboring a rather unconventional love for sports and wrestling. Kozlov continued to nurture his love by working out and learning self-defense after school on his own.

    The unavailability of schools that offered training for wrestling meant that he has to make use of whatever he had, and what he had was his wish to be a wrestler. Eventually, by the age of 17, he took up training and kickboxing with the Moscow Federation.

    He actively took part in sports and fighting, with the yearning for professional wrestling burning in his heart. The characterization and storytelling in wrestling intrigued him, and it became clear to him that he cannot settle for anything less than being a pro wrestler.

    With time his interest only grew that prepared him for the risk of sacrificing his life in Moscow and leave for the United States of America. He went chasing his dream, abandoning the clear road ahead to journalism and facing the harsh realities of struggling life. The only comfort he got during the entire time was his own ambitious self that encouraged him to keep himself together on the journey to success.

    His hard work and persistence have finally paid off as today is a renowned Russian pro wrestler all over the USA and in Europe. He is the man behind the striking persona, Victor Romanoff, the Siberian Fighting Spirit. He has won over millions of fans worldwide who are awed by his authentic Russian character.

    Although Pavel Kozlov deviated from the studious family profession of mathematics, the streak of creativity and brilliance wasn’t lost. He set forth into the world of acting by taking on challenging roles. Kozlov has continued to outgrow the glass ceiling by assuming larger-than-life characters.

    The flashy entrances, inspiring characters, fighting, and acting out a story drew his interest quickly. Despite a shaky start where it took years for him to get casted in a role, his habit of never giving up took him to soaring heights in the television world.

    Kozlov worked continuously to hone his acting skills by joining workshops and studios to be where he is today. Pavel Kozlov’s dedication, struggle, and fighting spirit show how your hard work and dedication truly enables you to do whatever you wish for as the world is your oyster!

    He has achieved success both in the acting world and acquired the Russian pro wrestler status with nothing but the desire to fulfill dreams. Despite the severe challenges and overwhelming odds, he claimed from the world what was his. With an undeniable talent and charisma, Pavel Kozlov is an inspiration for all.

    Patience, Persistence, Passion: Ingredient of Success Kozlov has proved that it is not your resources that guarantee your success, but your passion, vigor, and determination to never stop come what may. With all the right ingredients in your hand, nothing can prevent you from reaching your goal.

    His flight to uncertainty in a foreign land which seemed to offer him what he needed to become a wrestler, shows how waiting until all your ducks in a row would only keep you waiting. To achieve what you desire, you have to gather all that you have and make a run for what keeps you calling.

    Pavel Kozlov's journey is a reminder to all that waiting or searching for ingredients to success is nothing but an excuse. The answer, the ingredient, and the tasteful outcome all are you! You have to look within and know if your desire is strong enough to push you through anything. All the three elements to success are within you and only have the power to use them to turn around your life in the direction you have planned and wanted.


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