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Published 6 years ago by skeeva with 4 Comments

Sweeney = evil or just shaking things up?

Hi guys. All 48 of you. Any Bruins fans?

  • What do we think of Sweeney? I'm still pretty irked at what we got back for Dougie and for picking up the Rinaldo but I must admit we needed to shake this up and his last few moves have been solid.


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  • ethics

    I am not sure either. He could have done things better but he's not evil. Just think he thinks this is the best way of going about his new role on a new team for him,

  • nicoscope

    I love Sweeney

    Signed: a Habs fan

    • skeeva


      • nicoscope

        I hated him as a player. Tough little SOB who hit hard. He hurt the Habs many times in the late 80's/early 90's.

        Never thought it'd come around ~30 years later.

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