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  • Maternitus (edited 5 months ago)

    I'm not into "social media" all too much, because it takes up a lot of time and energy, but never returns anything. There's just one social media account that I cultivate, which is my Mastodon. Not that it brings in any bread or butter, but at least it's less addictive and I can post on servers that fit my needs. For instance, I have just moved my account to a complete new server (specialized in art) from a common one (for beginners). Easy-peasy, no hassles. Never had any annoying ads and the users that post questionable content are easily blocked (and/or reported). And all that is without any subscriptions or ad-streams. I'm free to donate to the maintainers of the servers where I reside, which I will, eventually, when the servers bring me the joy I'm expecting from all of this.

    TL;DR: Twitter and its' ilks can shove it. Long live the Fediverse!! :-)

    • Gozzin

      No interest here either.

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