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  • Maternitus (edited 1 month ago)

    "The bottom line: We may never know the full range and extent of the damage, and we may never know the full range and extent as to how the stolen information is benefiting an adversary."

    Okay, so an intern leaves the password "solarwinds123" on Github and then the Russians, a thousand of them - AT LEAST - "hacked into their servers" to obtain a not specified amount of information that can do not really specified damage. Or not. The password was on Github since 2017, which is four years ago, and nothing was done about it, when those bloody Russians (or Chinese, or Dutch, or, god forbid, some (1000!!) people from a non existing country) picked that password up and used it to undermine national security, or so, in the US.

    Why not blame everything on a non-specified intern every time something like this comes in the (already a sewer of a) news-feed? That saves a lot of time, money and, most of all, head space. Or is the world doing so great that bull-shittery like this becomes the new standard for politics and is common sense passé?

    I don't know how other readers on this very high standard website think about this, but somehow this reeks as a shitty story so bad, that even artificial intelligence doesn't want to have anything to do with it. Or, as we call it here in this household: propagande merdique.

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