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  • Maternitus (edited 4 years ago)

    I am using Linux for quite some years already and am very happy with it. About eleven years ago I had the chance to follow two courses, not from the Linux foundation, but organized by the "evening schools" of university here in town. Linux System administration and Linux Network administration and Safety. Very basic down to earth courses, which taught me a lot about using my computer just from the terminal, without relying on any GUI, scripted installers and, god forbid, a graphical installer. Sweaty months and I passed the exams, which were pretty damn hard to do. My intention to do that was not from a professional perspective, because I have different career choices in life than being a sys admin or other IT job. I thought it was good, because it helped/helps me with easy problem solving, even when everything else has failed. It helps me feeling secure while tinkering to optimize my system. I will never regret that decision, because I could somehow validate the help I gave to others with their computers. Quite a lot of people have running Linux systems thanks to me and thus saved a shitload of money in the process. It gave them, just like me, the idea of choice and freedom of use of bought and paid for equipment. It works.

    My little art-studio runs exclusively on open source and Linux, as far as computers are needed. It started being fed up with incompetence caused by using Windows and a plethora of proprietary software, the usual frustration every convert seems to encounter. It ended up with not really thinking about all those nights full of cursing ever again and the courses made me able to take on a problem and solve it. Most of the time in the terminal, without a sweat. The teacher I had with those courses was a hardcore Linux admin, nearly a fundamentalist, but I am very grateful for the liters of sweat he extracted from me. I am as technical as every next man/woman, as in none, and I do not consider Linux a hard thing to learn. All it takes is being open minded and having the will to learn something (new). Before the course I thought and boasted about "knowing" Linux, after that (now) I do not boast one little bit. I mostly giggle when people come to my place asking for help. And am happy when they walk out, knowing their fresh install will give them a little sweat, but with the foresight they will solve their problems themselves from now on. Some gave up when they bought their new computer after years of Linux and went back to frustrations, because "everyone uses this", but most of them installed the new machine with their favorite distribution and went on with their lives.

    Totally recommend a decent course in the OS and not just for tech savvy people or for job prospects. :-)

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