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Published 4 years ago with 4 Comments

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  • tehsbe

    It looks like a decent enough standard deck, you should be able to win a few games with it. Just remember that your first time at an FNM may end with a bad record, it happened to almost everyone I knew when they started doing FNM.

    This deck may need some tweeking before its "perfect" but it should be fine for your first FNM.

    • scp440

      Awesome thanks so much.

  • tehdiplomat

    It seems like a decent aggressive deck. It's hard to tell exactly how it'll do without knowing what people play at your local place. I'm not fully up to date on Standard but I'd consider:

    ? Impact Tremors (I'm not sure how I feel about this card. It feels like a "win more" card, but I guess it can get over the hump when stalling out by getting an extra few damage. 2 might be the right number)

    ? Titan's Strength (I don't know how I feel about this one either. It's a nice lightning bolt when it goes through and it gets to potentially bury a land you don't want. But I worry that 4 is too many. Drawing this mid-game might be able to break through. But drawing this instead of a direct threat might cost you a game)

    - Frenzied Goblin (If I want 10 1 mana creatures, I'd probably use 2 power ones instead of this. I don't think it's ability is very relevant, since you want to be using that mana for casting larger spells)

    - Arc Lightning (Not sure if this is too slow, or in the right mana slot. Fine in sideboard to deal with mirror. )

    - Roast (Sure this hits a lot of things that are big and nasty, but it feels like it should be in your sideboard)

    - Searing Blood (I worry this will be a dead card in certain matchups. Plays fine out of the sideboard)

    + Stoke the Flames (4 damage is a lot, and you can always play it for free with how many guys you have)

    + Backbone cards (you have 2 Piledrivers, Rabblemasters, Outbursts and Fodder. I'd definitely consider more of all of these cards)

    + Wild Slash

    • scp440

      Thanks alot brother. Im a baller on a budget so Im a tad limited in what I can get but I looked up all the cards you suggested and grabbed 4x stoke the flames for now. Good look.

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