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Published 3 years ago with 4 Comments

Looking for camera recommendations.

I've had a Sony A200 for about 8 years now and I'm in the market for something new.

  • As the title says I am looking to upgrade my camera. I bought a Sony A200 brand new 8 years ago as my first camera. It came with the kit lens and a 70-300 telephoto. Honestly I tend to use the telephoto lens more than anything as I take a lot of nature pictures that don't allow me to get close to my subjects. It's a great camera that has worked great for what I wanted. I don't want another Sony while I have nothing against the brand I have found it slightly harder to find good condition used lenses for it in my area. So I'm looking for something new, but while I love taking pictures I don't have a whole lot of knowledge of what is out there as far as cameras go.

    I am looking for a camera that has live view on the lcd. I want a higher ISO setting without all the noise I get on the higher end of my Sony. I love the quick menus on my Sony that allow me to quickly change white balance, focus area, etc. I've also found that with the 9 point focus system I can have a hell of a time getting the camera to focus at times. The Sony is 10.2 Megapixals which has been great but I'm starting to want to blow up some of my pictures to poster size. The all important price point is around 800 or less. I would like to keep it lower than that so I can also try and pic up a telephoto to go along with it.

    Thank you for any and all help you can give me and don't hesitate to ask if you need clarification on anything.


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  • PlaydoughMnstr

    If you want to try mirrorless systems, you can get great results with Olympus, Fuji and Sony systems.

    If you like shooting nature, I think an Olympus system would be great because the image stabilization is in the body instead of the lens. Buying more lens becomes a lot cheaper. Look into something like the OMD-EM5.

  • TripleDeke

    I recently picked up a Nikon D3300 and it has been fantastic. I don't shoot professionally, but like to photograph and record outings or trips. This kit from B&H Photo has a pair of kit lenses (18-55 & 55-200) to closely match your current setup but allow growth in the Nikon family.

    Generally speaking, if your primary rationale for switching from Sony is a desire for a wider selection of used lenses then Canon or Nikon would likely be your best option. The used and rental market for these bodies is quite large so finding the perfect glass shouldn't be too difficult.

    Bonus: Here's a quick comparison between the A200 and D3300

    • schrodingersman

      Thanks for the links. That fits the price range perfectly, in fact it would save me money. Sounds like a great deal on B&H.

      • TripleDeke

        Saving money is always a good thing. You can also price out just getting the camera with the 18-55 kit lens and putting the rest of the money toward a different telephoto depending on your budget.

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