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Published 6 years ago by scheda with 2 Comments

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  • jarekb84

    It's interesting to see a stack like this built using PostgreSQL rather than the usual NoSQL flavor. I've been resistant in trying NoSQL based stacks, since the types of data sets I usually work with are very relational and from my understanding that's not one of NoSQL's strengths. Any idea if the ORM is a third party library, or something they cooked up as part of this repo?

    This is interesting and I may play around with it, though with TypeScript if it isn't too difficult to integrate. Btw, you may want to cross post this to the /r/Angular tribe.

    • scheda

      It looks like it uses Knex.js and probably just throws a simple 'Model' layer on top of that for you to use. I'll go ahead and cross post now. Thanks!

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