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Tracey Bee - The Divorce Solutionist

  • Introduction

    I developed this service for those ready to take charge of their divorce or custody case. You should be fed up with being fooled into thinking that money or the law will get you the results you want. Look at your bank account, then look at where you are in your divorce or custody case. Disgusted yet? Well you should be. Time to face the truth, that no one else is going to tell you. Neither spending tens of thousands nor following the letter of the law will change your disgust. But way too many people are still drinking the “Tracey Bee got the most expensive lawyer” or the “the law is on my side” Koolaid and think they have a slam dunk. It’s time to face the truth…that’s what I am here for. I know all the tips and tricks of the Family Court system and I can use them to help you.

  • Services

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      Fight an outdated and biased court system

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      Help you to understand how & when to use the law to your advantage

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      Prepare you to deal with unscrupulous lawyers

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      Reveal the truth about CPS and how to defend yourself against them

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      Teach you how to outwit your narcissistic ex/STBX in all negotiations

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      Gather & use evidence successfully in any aspect of your case

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      Work with you to prepare for forensics experts interview

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      Ensure that the GAL provides a fair & accurate report

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      Locate hidden financial information and assets

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      Work side by side with you to guide you, support & advise at every stage of your divorce or custody case

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      Show you how to develop with a strategy that will get you better results

  • Contact

    If you are curious about how we can help please feel free to schedule a free call.


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