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Published 6 years ago by rti9 with 2 Comments

Why India’s Youth Are Dating In Secret

In western culture, the idea of forbidden intimacy before marriage seems pretty antiquated, but for young adults in India it's the reality they face everyday. While not technically illegal, being physically intimate before marriage is considered immoral by many Indians, and public displays of affection often result in verbal and sometimes physical attacks. Young couples are forced to jump through hoops just to get a few hours of privacy.


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  • rti9

    I wonder why is it called Stay Uncle.

  • buddha5

    The Indian culture is in turmoil, stuck in an ever changing world. To repress people sexually leads to rapes, and not to punish its severely reinforces rapes. All religions demand the very best behaviors from the humans, unfortunately we are just animals. Personally I feel that 'Believers" are all quite mad.

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