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Published 3 years ago with 15 Comments
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  • theykilledkenni

    I can't believe that she still hasn't gotten on Reddit and done an admin post to apologize. It would probably get down voted into oblivion but it might help.

    • panzer (edited 3 years ago)

      The theory I've seen floating around reddit is that she's been brought in by investors to prepare reddit for acquisition, probably because investors have completely lost faith in the admins ability to monetise the site, now they're just trying to recoup what money they invested in reddit.

      If that's true it would explain why Pao doesn't seem to care or even understand reddit, because she's not a long term appointment. She's just there to make reddit appealing to buyers.

      • namo

        Hopefully someone is in the market for a nice sinking ship.

    • loch

      to be honest, doing that would be like putting a bandaid on a broken windshield. The best thing Pao could do right now is to listen to users, and actually execute actions users call for. I've never seen a CEO so out of touch with her userbase. Also, I don't know why someone would hire a community manager (because that's effectively Pao's duty) that hates the community.

    • Espeon

      The fact that we're several days out and there hasn't been any r/announcement or r/blog post or ANYTHING public from ANY admin being like "yyyeah so that happened, let's talk about it" baffles me. Obviously it seems that there won't be one now, but the lack of transparency is such a turn-off.

    • HauntedCryme

      This baffles me. She's the CEO of a popular message board that is insanely community-driven. Why would you choose to talk to the media and not your community?

  • Aphrodite

    What frustrates me is they don't address the biggest issues the community is furious about right now. Every response from the admins beats around the bush and acts like the average person reading it is an idiot and can't see through their thinly veiled bullshit.

    • loch

      I agree. They said they'd move towards transparency, then high tailed it in the opposite direction.

      Also, nice snag of a username :)

  • BrutalJones

    However, it would be a major blow to her public standing among Redditors, who drive much of the site's popularity.

    "Much" of it? There wouldn't be any Reddit without Redditors. They literally are the website.

    • loch

      You're forgetting lurkers, and the corporate promotional posts in IAMA and the like. Not to mention people don't make accounts, but read things like amas for famous people (Obama's AMA comes to mind) or get linked to it through news sites or imgur. There's a fraction of the site that isn't the community. But yeah, no, no reddit without redditors.

  • Cloptologist

    Can't wait till she leaves Reddit and tries to sue for discrimination again.

  • ortsac

    I like how they mention the 150,000 signature goal as if the damage hasn't already been done. Not only have I lost faith in the platform, but now the whole site is just nothing but drama.

    • loch

      True. Even if 150k signatures aren't made, the 133k or whatever its at now shows a really large amount of people who are super angry about this.

      • Teakay

        Dang, I guess I didn't realize how big this mess was. I don't have much of an opinion on the issue because I don't know all the details of what happened, but 147k people is a lot of really upset people.

  • Kysol

    I fired one, so I could hire many. Sounds like cheap Fresh out of Uni labour to cut costs. The need for so many shows that they don't know what they are doing. Shotgun approach to fixing a problem. Buy a lot at a cheap rate, throw them at the problem, one will fix it, when they do we will praise them, then when it fails, they can take the fall.

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