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  • Gozzin (edited 1 year ago)

    I use refurbished computer's so they stay out of land fills.

    I remove Windows and put Ubuntu on the hard drive.

    If a bit stops working, I pay someone to replace the faulty part. No permission required.

    I've done this for years.

    Sad to say,once Microsoft forces everyone to W11,millions of computers will go into land fills.

  • Maternitus (edited 1 year ago)

    Just a question/remark: you can repair whatever you like of all the things you bought in the first place. Some things are more difficult to repair than others, true, but then remains the question: why buying stuff that's hard or "not allowed" to repair? That's the form of democracy we're in, supposedly, and just like with the democracy we think we're in, the less people choose for stuff that's hard or "not allowed" to repair, the lower the bottom line is for those producers and their shareholders.

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