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Published 5 months ago with 7 Comments

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  • Maternitus

    I couldn't read the article, because I live in Europe. Do I care? Well, a little, because now I do not know if Google blocks the same shit here.

    • AdelleChattre

      Have you tried Qwant? It's great.

      • Maternitus

        Not yet, but now I will. Just using DuckduckGo is comparable to starvation in a restaurant full of free food, but very safe. The Qwant-design is very slick. /notes extra points/ Do you use it often?

        • AdelleChattre (edited 5 months ago)

          Before I forget, here's an archived version of the Chicago Tribune article.

          DuckDuckGo is just a front end for Microsoft Bing last I heard, so it wouldn't surprise me if it was both mediocre and unsafe by design.

          I'd use Qwant more if there were more search operators and parameters. Like, I'll often use image search to find snap pictures. I wish I could search for only square images with Qwant, seeing as how Snapzu's kind of limited that way, but I can't. Then again, I was looking for a snap picture to do with an out-of-control U.S. government agency recently, and all-of-a-sudden Google tried to access my exact location. Kludgy.

          It sure would be nice if Qwant would soak up some more of Google's prowess, what with our open society closing so rapidly around here lately and all.

          • Maternitus

            By your advice I have started using it (Qwant) and took it for a testdrive. It is fun to see a design that is intuitive as that can be: easy access to all parts, clear instructions when new and it seems to run faster than other search engines, including Google. I always think that is because it is new and not so full with information, but then again, I am a painter, a simple man with a damaged personality due to an evolution gone awry. Or so. Back to Qwant! I do reverse image search a lot, because I want to approach the people behind the images that inspire me. :-) Also, when doing a reference study it is so much easier by uploading an image or pointing to it than to gamble with aforementioned brain capacity. :-) So, there, I agree with you.
            I never knew that about DuckduckGo. Hmmmz. And I was thinking, all the time, that I was an Übermensch by using that and somehow feeling open-sourcy. Yeah. But now I am disappointed. Bing. Seriously? I am laughing at the moment, by realising how easy it is to fool people on the internet. Give it a logo, a fancy or geeky name, add some spicy servers to the mix and some clever Python-codes and off you go! :-)

            • Maternitus

              Back again. Well, you have given me a nice link. I have it as my main engine in Firefox and now I am looking to fix my Android in such a way, that it uses it there also as primary search tool. Reverse image search is a bit of a bugger, but my Tinyeye plug in and a little Google will suffice for now.

              They seem open for suggestions at Qwant, so I might start digging the forums. :-)

            • AdelleChattre
              @Maternitus -

              Right on! Compared to Google and TinEye, near as I can tell, everything else is kid stuff. When even Wolfram Research is finger painting by comparison, there's no shame in using Google Images. There's computer vision, and then there's understanding.

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