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  • Maternitus (edited 2 weeks ago)

    Sir Ken Robinson had some very good talks about this subject, for instance this one from 2007 or this one from 2013. And looking at the date the article was published, 2017, it can't be ignored nothing has changed since that publication let alone Sir Ken's talks.

    I have done several guest-teachings at primary schools, including really awesome workshops, mostly about and with art and also about healthy food (which even made it to tv). What I encountered a lot on all those schools were the straightjackets of regulation and an overkill of administrative work the teachers had to endure. Not to mention very strict teaching rules the teachers had to obey. No room or freedom there. No real ways or experiments to inspire kids there. Just the standard tests, just discipline, well, nothing really sparkling or even close to fun.
    My workshops and teachings were somehow distractions from all the indoctrinary those schools had to offer. It is even so bad, that kids still remember me after all those years. So, I agree with the article and more so with Sir Ken. And probably a lot of teachers will agree with me that our two hundred year old school system and ways of government ordered teaching are pretty much out of touch with our current knowledge of psychology, sociology and pediatrics (just to name a few). Not to mention the world.

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