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Published 5 years ago with 9 Comments
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  • Astrobiology

    This will be exciting, USA!

    • Splitfish (edited 5 years ago)

      It'll be tough as both Germany and Portugal are in the top 5 in the FIFA world rankings. Ghana is not that far behind at 24th. Edit: Adding a related link for those who want a peek at the rankings.

      • popper

        Yep. USA Definitely has a very tough group. Portugal and Germany are great sides with some amazing players, and Ghana has given USA some headaches in the past! It's gonna be a difficult challenge for USA. Also, thanks for the addition!

        • Splitfish

          Indeed, will be hard to just get out of the group rounds and into the round of 16. Their first game vs Ghana is a must win. And NP that's what the site is all about :)

          • popper (edited 5 years ago)

            Yeah, if they lose against Ghana then it's highly unlikely they'll move past the Group stage. If they win and manage to beat either Germany or Portugal they might have a change of moving on as second seed. Germany and Portugal are clear favorites, but the matches have to be played, you never know!

            • Splitfish

              Wining 2 of 3 is almost always a pass into the next round. So if they lose to Ghana, they have to beat both euro powers which is highly unlikely.

            • popper
              @Splitfish -

              Yeah! Wanted to write "If they win or manage to beat [...]" clearly I don't know what I'm typing anymore. It's tough luck all around, if they manage to move on from the group stage, they'll have to play against the first of group H (possibly Belgium?) and after that I'd be against the winner between first of F (Argentina, I hope!) and 2nd in E (France or Switzerland?)

  • weekendhobo

    Added a link to my snap, hope you don't mind

    • popper

      Of course not! Thanks for the contribution :)

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