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Published 3 years ago with 5 Comments

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  • schrodingersman

    I'm all for being inclusive but this is going to be a logistical nightmare. I can't really say about the other branches, but shipboard life can be pretty cramped at times. It would be interesting to see how they would decide to do berthings. Would a male to female person in transistion stay in a female berthing or a male berthing or would they set up berthings for the individuals? Then you have to set the rules on whether you allow pre or post op transgender people into the respective berthings. I'm by no means advocating keeping transgender people out of the military. It just presents a unique set of problems very similar in a way to when women were first allowed on ships. There will be a learning curve and a growth period when these things will have to be figured out. As we all know learning periods can be very rough for everyone involved and the military is no exception.

    • smikims

      Would a male to female person in transistion stay in a female berthing or a male berthing or would they set up berthings for the individuals?

      For most gendering issues like this the ultimate solution is to just get rid of the gendering. That probably won't happen for some time in the military but it's ultimately what needs to happen.

      • schrodingersman

        What do you mean by "get rid of the gendering"? As in no longer label a person as male or female or mixed sex berthings? Or something completely different

        • smikims

          Yeah, eventually just do all gender everything. It probably won't happen anytime soon though.

    • fanficmistress

      I see what you are saying. I would also worry about their safety if they are open about being transgender. But you cannot isolate them as it would make things worse. It will be interesting to see the details of this policy.

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