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Published 6 years ago by paperplainjane with 3 Comments

Music to Witcher to?

  • What are you listening to for background music while you game? I've been listening to Ghosts by NIN while I play Witcher 3, it suits it perfectly and I really like instrumental stuff but I'm always keen to hear some new things. Any suggestions?



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  • plastico

    You can also check out wave.cat. Tons of playlist with lots of genres. Personally I like the hip-hop/jazz playlists.

  • Kysol

    I would suggest taking a look at the Cryo Chamber label on Bandcamp if you like really dark ambient soundscape stuff. Personally I code to a lot of it. Also use their tag system to find other ambient soundtracks. A lot of good music on Bandcamp. Support the artists directly and grab a few albums if you like them.

    Ghosts would be nice to listen to, also check out the Max Payne 3 soundtrack by HEALTH. I played a fair bit of FFXIV with that on repeat. It was a nice mix of tech and fantasy.

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