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  • StarFlower

    This is exactly why I never would use Uber. If I cannot drive somewhere myself, I just get a cab. Reason being that I feel there are a lot more requirements and background checks etc for a cab driver than via Uber. I don't even care if cab works out more expensive, it's worth it for the peace of mind. The rate of assaults etc (on passengers) is far lower in cabs than in Uber. Now, if Uber as a company had proved themselves trustworthy in terms of safety, I'd consider them. But they haven't got any of my trust, and I've had nothing but good experiences at the local cab companies, so that's who I go with if I need a ride somewhere. Besides, the cab companies (at least the ones where I live) send a text message when they're on their way, etc etc - it's not all "old school" anymore with them.

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