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Published 6 months ago with 0 Comments

Seven Effective Tips You Don’t Want to Miss If You Want To Sleep Better At Night

  • Only People with insomnia knows how it feels to not have enough sleep at night. Sleeping is a blessing, as humankind has always appreciate this gift of nature. Studies have shown that your brain cells starts to get destructive itself for not having enough sleep. Some brain cells start to destroy itself immediately for this. If you are an insomniac then here are seven effective tips you dont want to miss if you want to sleep better at night.

    1. Save your eyes from blue light in evening:

    Yeah you read it right. don't be surprised to know that Blue lights seriously disturbs your sleep. Make sure you do not use any electronic device or gadgets minimum two hours before going to bed. Block blue light from your mobile or computer with help of blue light filter apps. Wear glasses if you really need to use the laptop for work.

    2. Reduce nap time during the day:

    Some people like to nap during the day if possible which is actually known for reduce the sleep quality at night . it's proven effective for Night time sleeps so try avoiding nap during the daytime. You may feel urge to get a quick nap at first but you will feel better after getting enough sleep at night.

    3. Make your bedroom comfortable:

    If your bedroom is not comfortable then you can to follow the tips given above yet totally fail to get quality sleep. Just make your bedroom comfortable and it will help your sleeping pattens. Try to light a candle when it's bedtime. Bring home a new and comfortable mattress. You may keep Memory foam mattress or hybrid mattress in your desired mattress list. These will improve your sleep by giving you the maximum comfort while sleeping.

    4. Take a relaxing bath before sleeping:

    Releasing stress before sleeping will greatly improve your sleep. Try to take a shower or relax in your bathtub for some time. Put your favorite essence oil in lukewarm water to release stress. This will let your body an escape and relax from everyday hustle. Relaxation also depends on mental peace. If you have negative people and relationship in life try avoiding those before you get too depressed. This will help you to be more relaxed.

    5. Exercise regularly:

    In this era of the technological race, we are all working on devices. None of us get to work physically. we are constantly missing out on physical workouts and training. So it is mandatory for us to work out even if just for some minutes. You can do some freehand exercises because who has time to go to the gym. Or you may go to morning walk for half an hour. Remember not to work out or do physical training just before going to bed. Other than that your will sleep better afterward after getting some sweats at the treadmills or at gym.

    6. Avoid taking liquids before bed:

    Nocturia is a physical problem which causes sleep problem due to excessive urination at night. Your sleep deprivation is already a problem. Moreover having liquid at night will cause nocturia more trouble for you. So try avoiding liquids at night when you're about to get to the bed. You should also never drink alcohol if you have sleep deprivation. Alcohol increases the symptoms of sleep apnea, snoring and it also affects your hormones. You need to know What is sleep deprivation?

    7. Set your bedroom temperature:

    Studies have shown that the warmth of a room disturbs sleep more than the noise. The right temperature varies from person to person. Most of the people prefer a cooler environment for sleeping. Around 70°F or 20°C is preferable for most of the people. So try keeping the temperature around this and get better sleep.

    These are all tried and tested tips for better sleep. But it is your body and nobody understand more about this than you. You can always try different tips. It is all about trial and error. Give your body time to cooperate.


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