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  • sashinator (edited 7 months ago)

    moral panic hysteria

    people who play LPs backward and find Satanism in Chris De Burgh's "Lady in Red" or Harry Potter clearly have too much time on their hands to be outraged by what is clearly, in this case, nothing more than fiction inspired by contemporary culture

    Cuties is clearly a film about widespread cultural nymphomania driving little girls into being sexualized from a young age in the same way it pressurizes women into being oversexualized past the age of consent. which is to say that film is every bit about pedophilia by way of societal norms as it is about gender biased chauvinism by way of societal norms; societal norms laid bare and discovered by young people who merely mimic behavior in order to seek attention and find acceptance in a continuing and self-perpetuated cycle

    and the movie is hardly subtle on this topic. it really hammers the audience over the head with the theme. to the point where it becomes utterly unenjoyable as a drama about a character. i struggled to finish it; i only didn't assume presentation morality lesson déjà vu because of controversy surrounding it so i watched till the bitter fucking Hollywood end - where the protagonist inexplicably abandons all behavioral momentum, and, for reasons yet to be determined, mid Act III climax, does a complete 180 reversal and gives the audience the proverbial "happy ending"

    the movie is more akin to an after-school TV special; a moral lesson with clear-cut, black/white message. there's virtually no theatrical nuance, no sub-themes, no character development, no suspense or drama to speak of all reflected in the film's cinematographic style, ham-fistedly made to look to be documentary-like; observational, not dramatic

    it is a single-perspective film, with all other characters made to look as either 2-dimensional cardboard cutouts or, in the case of father figure, absent altogether (the protagonist's father, a major plot device is spoken of frequently but is only ever spoken of and makes an appearance as a phone voice for a sum total of 10 seconds of "screen-time")

    on a personal note - compromising the material in order to have moral alibi on the publicity tour is not an approach i particularly value artistically. im more inclined to applaud thematic subtlety and direct, confrontational publicity rather than the other way around (it is in my view, if nothing else, braver to chose to defend oneself from accusations of sensationalizing a topic over offending the religiously extreme but that's just me)

    in spite the production team's effort to make their case that this movie should and could never be interpreted pornographically even more obvious than it could possibly be by hit-you-over-the-head plot constructs, those who are most guilty of sexualizing minors with actual sex abuse, deliberately chose to ignore these material compromises (presumably made in order to avoid the very politicizing of media to fabricate public concern by feigning it) and the filmmakers now appear to be in the midst of discovering that, as the saying goes, those who trade liberty in exchange for a little bit of security receive, in kind, ample amounts of neither of those; a most unfortunate and foreseeable set of circumstances

    be that as it may, to set aside the interpretation of Cuties as something other than a critique of the very hypocrites whose scrutiny it was inevitably to fall under and to interpret the backlash against it by deliberately ignoring the painstaking effort ...

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