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What Storage Method is Best When Moving

Are you going to be moving soon? If you are selling your home, you may discover that in order to make your property look its best you'll need temporary storage. Fortunately, there are a few storage options worth your consideration. Let's take a look at what might work best.

  • Storage Options For Consideration

    What are the best storage methods when moving? What are the best storage methods when moving?
  • Choices in Storage Methods

    When you decide to move it is possible you will come to the conclusion that you need to put your things into storage. Sometimes the timing between home buyers and home sellers does not work out the way both parties would like it to.

    On occasion a seller may need to make a different plan than they originally thought they would. Closing dates often do not line up which creates the need for temporary storage. But what are the storage options when moving? There are essentially three common means of storing your things. They are as follows:

    1. Going with a temporary storage unit such as PODS.
    2. Renting a self-storage unit within a large facility.
    3. Having a full-service storage company pick up your things for you and store them for you as well.

    There are certainly going to be pros and cons to each of these options. If you like the convenience of being able to walk out your front door to access your things going with a portable storage unit might be the best method.

    If you have quite a few large items that need to be stored, including items that need climate control, you may want to opt for a self-storage unit. Lastly, if you are the type of person where money is less of an object and would like everything done for you, full-service storage may be your best bet.

    In the article referenced above at Maximum Real Estate Exposure, you will see a complete breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of each of these storage options.

    The article also breaks down who the industry leaders are with each storage method. For example, most people have heard about the PODS company but there are other portable storage companies worth speaking with as well.

    The same can be said of self-storage companies. There are quite a few excellent companies that will storage your things in their facilities with high security and a safe environment for your belongings. If you prefer full service, there are a few companies that are reviewed in this sector too.

    Whatever way you decide to go, it will be important to due some proper due diligence. Look at reviews online of the companies you're considering. Remember you can have different experiences from company to company within a franchise. By doing your homework the odds will increase that you pick the best company and option for your needs.

    Best of luck with your move.


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