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Understanding The Role of a Homeowners Association

Are you going to be moving from your current home into a neighborhood where there is a homeowners association? Without a doubt, if you have never lived in an area where an HOA exists it can be a big adjustment.

  • Pros and Cons of a Homeowners Association

    Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of an HOA?

    First, you should understand what an HOA is and how it works. HOA stands for homeowners association. A homeowners association is a group of people who have been elected by their constituents to oversee the successful and smooth operation of a neighborhood.

    The HOA is in charge of ensuring that everyone in the neighborhood follows the rules and regulations which are known as the by-laws. Without question there are pros and cons of living with an HOA. There are fees paid by the owners for certain perks and amenities associated with living in the neighborhood. For example, there may be a lawn service for each home and all the common areas. There may be a pool or tennis courts to maintain.

    Everyone living in he HOA contributes their fair share to make the place an enjoyable place to live.

    Some people love the thought of living with an HOA because everything will be uniform in a neighborhood. You don't have to worry about your neighbors home looking like a shabby mess or having a bunch of garbage strewn around the yard. Most homes in an HOA will have a clean uniform look to them.

    On the other hand, if you have never lived in a neighborhood where an HOA exists, it can be a bit unsettling and first and for some always. HOA's are not for everyone. If you have been in a place all your life where you were in charge of making decisions and all of a sudden aren't it can be unsettling.

    For example, what if you are not allowed to have a garden and you really want one? Sometimes HOA's have rules that seem completely ridiculous. Sometimes they are! What you need to remember is that a group of people you don't know will be the ones having a say in your life.

    Sometimes people get elected to boards that have nothing better to do in their life than make things miserable for others. Some homeowners association are rock solid and you would be proud to live in them. Others can be unbearable.

    This is why when you are thinking about moving into a neighborhood with an HOA, you need to make sure you do significant due diligence. There are many things to think about when buying into an association. In the article reference above, you will find one of the most detailed articles on all the things you should know about an HOA.

    There is no question you will learn everything that should be discussed before considering a homeowners association. No doubt that it will trigger some things that you have not thought much about. Take a look, and pass it along to whoever it may help.

  • What Should I Know About an HOA

    How does an HOA work? How does an HOA work?

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