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Published 5 years ago by massani with 3 Comments

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  • ssladam

    I like what she's trying to teach. And for years I've already had the motto, "done is better than perfect", but today I've learned something deeper in that motto.

    Previously I'd remind myself "done is better than perfect" just so I don't waste time and energy into something that won't be rewarded. But the extended meaning is also to avoid focusing on what is in front of you RIGHT NOW, and instead relax and feel content to look at the overall body of work you've created. If after writing her first really deep haiku if she'd beat herself up every day to take a ton of time so that each new haiku could be "just as good", then eventually it'd become too much of a chore and she'd quit. But by keeping it fast and easy it means she can persist, accept her mistakes (and learn from them), and continue with the project day after day. That's much better than quitting out of frustration when you were shooting for perfection.

  • darkcape

    Those are awesome might even inspire me to try.

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