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Published 3 years ago with 9 Comments
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  • b1ackbird

    According to Syrian state news agency Sana and the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Asaad was beheaded in front of dozens of people on Tuesday in a square outside the town’s museum. His body was then taken to Palmyra’s archaeological site and hung from one of the Roman columns.

    “He was a fixture, you can’t write about Palmyra’s history or anything to do with Palmyrian work without mentioning Khaled Asaad,” he said. “It’s like you can’t talk about Egyptology without talking about Howard Carter.

    The world truly lost a giant. This is terrible. This 'Caliphate' is a joke. Totalitarianism hiding behind the skirts of religion. Studying our past is apostasy? This is mindbogglingly delusional. Any one who wants to take or change your history is out to enslave you. These people are just trying to bring the world back to the Middle Ages. This is a war of attrition we cannot afford to loose.

    • Kalysta

      Ironically, when Muhammad founded the religion, he encouraged people to explore and question their world, because only by knowing the world better can one truly know god. While Europe was in the dark ages, the arab muslim world was flourishing in a golden age of science and enlightenment. Then fundies happened.

      Fuck fundies of all stripes. They're abusing the actual teachings of most of these religions in order to achieve political power.

      • b1ackbird

        Oh I couldn't agree more. So much of our science and knowledge stemmed from these times. Algebra, the scientific method & even some basic hygienic practices in medicine are just a few examples that come to mind off the top of my head.

        Fundamentalism in any form is detrimental to the safety and prosperity of everyone on Earth. Taking any belief structure as a word for word dictation of how things should be is a recipe for disaster that flies in the face of the 'Golden Age of Islam.'

  • Gozzin

    “The continued presence of these criminals in this city is a curse and bad omen on [Palmyra] and every column and every archaeological piece in it.”

    Te entire world needs to go in there and wipe them out in one fell swoop. If only it were that easy.

    • massani

      I remember a little while back them threatening to destroy Borobudur in Indonesia. Every Middle Eastern, North African, and Asian nation that has a mostly Muslim population should be on guard from ISIS trying to destroy any of their non-Islamic culture sites.

    • ColonBowel

      I'm seriously intrigued as to why we haven't just fucked them up badly already. I mean, this people seriously need to be stopped.

      • alot (edited 3 years ago)

        I think trying to wipe them out will only have us enter a long, costly war with them, which will end not because it is won, but because of war-weariness. They'll just have an even easier time to recruit new members, with us being seen as aggressors. I think the tough but correct way of dealing with them is to work towards reducing social class differences and poverty. ISIS, like many extremist movements, largely plays on emotions as they recruit members. Emotions like anger, despair, frustration, neglect.

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