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Published 5 years ago by loch with 26 Comments

What are your guys' thoughts on a Snapzu mobile app?

Like a community one like Alien Blue?

  • IMO, Snapzu will be crazy successful if it has a mobile app. Already the site's UI translates well onto mobile (at least from my standing), but a wild amount of reddit's users, for example, browsed primarily on mobile. Do you guys think (and I'm not trying to be pushy) we should make a Snapzu app for iOS and Android a la Alien Blue?

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Conversation 7 comments by 5 users
  • priok

    It would be nice, I spend a lot of time on my phone browsing reddit. I use Windows Phone though, so I think Snapzu would have to gain a lot of popularity before a WP app gets made for it.

    • VoyagerXyX

      Another WP user here, I've already talked to some devs who are willing to start work for a third party app as soon as the API is released.

      • priok

        That's great to hear, thanks

    • Guilhem

      Same here, WP is really great except with such a little share of the market you get apps long after everybody else :/

    • loch

      can you side load the android app store onto your WP? I have a BlackBerry and I use "Snap" - an android store client for BB. I'd check into something similar, as a Snapzu android app has been made here

      • priok

        I don't think so, but apparently Windows Phone 10 might have something like that. I think it might just make it easier to port Android apps to WP or something, I don't know

    • eilyra

      Yeah, this was a pain with my previous phone. Didn't help that it was a bit older model, so only had WP 7.8 available and as such even fewer apps worked! :(

      The base system was quite awesome though.

  • Finland

    I believe that in order for Snapzu to be successful, or truthfully any online community for that matter, a mobile app is crucial. Personally, when a website doesn't offer a mobile app, I'm very unlikely to use it on my mobile devices simply because of how much of a better experience mobile apps tend to offer. As someone coming from Reddit, I absolutely love the Alien Blue app and would love to see something similar for Snapzu.

    • Stratocoaster

      I agree with you. Also someone from Reddit, and I find myself going back to the Reddit mobile app if I need to waste time on my phone. I would love a clean, easy way to access Snapzu from my phone.

  • redalastor (edited 5 years ago)

    What Snapzu needs is an API so third parties can make various mobile apps.

    The official reddit app was meh but the third party ones were pretty good (Baconreader, Relay, Alien Blue).

    They even bought one of those (Alien Blue).

    And from what I read, the API is currently worked on.

  • Fooferhill

    Waiting for one. Even if it's basic then develops.

  • Tomahawk

    I would really enjoy a mobile app, as most of my internet browsing is coming from my phone. But don't rush one out just for the sake of having one

  • Jasprosesprite2 (edited 5 years ago)

    What is the state of the Rest API ? Any release date? Thanks

  • phosphorescent

    Absolutely! That's one of the first things I checked for. If we're going in the direction of Alien Blue, I would love that, but one thing bothered me - even when I had Reddit Gold, links that purpled on my computer wouldn't show up purple on the app. I would love if that sort of integration could be a feature.

  • SillyHead

    For now, I can manage without mobile app, but its a lot slower to use the website in a mobile browser, especially when loading GIFS and videos, the wait is almost unbearable, so getting a good app soon is crucial

  • hingeattack (edited 5 years ago)

    I would love having a mobile app. The site happens to work very well on mobile for now though.

    Also i added a link to a mobile app i found for it, however at this point it is just a browser that goes to snapzu.com. They do say in the description that they are developing a UI

    • Schwut

      Is it even possible for them to make a mobile app at this point? Has the API been released?

  • Quietrabbit

    I definitely feel like a mobile app will help this site grow a lot faster, also it'll make it convenient for me since I spent 97% my time on AlienBlue rather than the actual site

  • BigPig

    Yes, please do.

    I primarily browse from my phone, I will always choose a dedicated app over a mobile website for anything I use on a daily basis.

    It could fix the missing sidebar issue with the mobile site, which subsequently would make it easier to read and adhere to a tribes rules for all the new users coming in like mysel

  • microfracture

    I would absolutely love to eventually see an Alien Blue / Reddit Sync style mobile app for Snapzu.
    I know that I would use it as I tend to be glued to my tablet at varying points during the day.

  • system16

    I'd love to take a crack at a Snapzu iOS app. As soon as the API is available, I'll definitely be giving it a shot.

    • m8gege

      Will they release the API?

  • ProtoJazz

    A nice app like BaconReader would be amazing

  • nyx

    I've recently started to enjoy using a smartphone and it was mostly due to being able to browse Reddit anywhere, and I do agree that apps really ease the process, so I would very much love an app for Snapzu!

  • 5irKarl (edited 5 years ago)

    I think that would be awesome, however I wouldn't want it to be an Alien Blue clone.

    Edit: Is there a place where we can request this or something?

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