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Published 3 years ago with 6 Comments
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  • leagueofbacon

    The fact that Meteos is stepping down and Hai is taking his place really speaks to state of affairs in the C9 org. It is really sad to such a once proud organization that has fallen so low. It also speaks to how important Hai (and a good shotcaller) was to C9 and their level of success over the years.

    • Toeknee99

      Yeah, I'm a huge C9 fan (have their logo as my icon in LoL) and it really sucks to see that they might even get auto-relegated. The worst part about C9 possibly being relegated is that their players are great, but the team as a whole isn't having success. Realistically, a team with Meteos, Lemonnation and Sneaky should be doing well, but it isn't so. I hope Meteos doesn't leave the scene forever. I personally think he's the best jungler NA has ever seen and will see in a long while.

      • leagueofbacon

        I think the biggest issue for the team is that there is no leader. Hai always lead from the front, he was the first to go in and sacrifice himself (and KDA) for the better of the team, letting Balls/Sneaky/Meteos clean up the fights. They don't have that anymore. Meteos looked lost trying to make calls/farm jungle/gank lanes.

        I agree though. I hope that he comes back. But I think that, as a poster said below, his angry personality needs a calm force to balance him out. I do not think that, as of right now, he cannot handle the stress of calls plus jungling.

  • HangedCole

    I have not seen any Cloud 9 matches except the one against TSM and the latest, where Meteos was replaced. They say that, after all the losing matches, it simply wasn't the same Cloud 9 anymore. But watching the match with Hai, it was good. It reminded me of the Cloud 9, the kind I only remember to always put up a fight.

    In all honesty, Hai was the only reason I was giving Cloud 9 a look since Season 3. Having him back, I wish he'd stay a little longer.

  • Fuyu

    A few things come to mind initially that bother me. Hai retired because of his wrist injury. Sure, it's been a few months, but it can take a long time before going back to a previous painful activity will not aggravate an extreme condition. It's also hard not to feel like Incarnati0n is to blame for this problem. A hothead like Meteos and a previously perma-banned rager are obviously going to clash personality wise, so I'm surprised the player with the longer track record with the team was dropped. Of course I haven't really been watching their current performances so there may be an obvious reason Incarnati0n is valued. I'll admit I stopped caring about C9 because of Incarnati0n. Still, if Hai is fit to play, I'm surprised he wasn't brought back mid-lane to bring the whole C9 synergy back. Hai is most likely a temporary deal, so if Meteos can't come back that will be another random brought in so synergy and "getting along" will ultimately end up being more at risk than it already was.

    • Civil

      I don't think you can just blame Incarnati0n. It takes two people to clash. Incarnati0n has also been playing relatively well, which could be why it's Meteos stepping down and not him.

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