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How to Recover Formatted Files From USB Drive – Step to Step Guide

Sometimes users mistakenly formatted their USB flash drive. After that, they wants their files back. They want guidance to recover formatted files from USB flash Drive.

  • The Flawless Way to Resolve - How to Recover Formatted Files From USB Flash Drive

    “I have HP 64 GB pen drive I stored my all important data in it. After a long time I attached my pen drive to PC. Window pop-up message to format pen drive. Unfortunately I click on OK button my USB flash drive is formatted. I lost my all important files from it. Please help me and suggest me how to recover formatted files from USB flash drive. I need my files and folders back because all files and folders very crucial form me. Thanks in Advance.”

    “Someone please help! Unluckily, I format my USB flash drive twice. After formatting the USB flash drive, I realized that the flash drive consists of some important data files of mine. So, now I need an instant and reliable method to get my files back from twice formatted USB flash drive. Any suggestions would be kindly appreciated. Thanks a ton.”


    These days, formatting the USB flash drive is a common practice which is attempted by several users. Mainly, users format their flash drive to resolve unknown errors they encounter, while they are working with USB flash drive. So, we took this issue into consideration and come up with this article. Today! We are going to disclose the prominent method to resolve the most usually asked query such as how to recover formatted files from USB flash drive. Let’s get started:

    Is It Possible to Recover Formatted Files From USB Flash Drive?

    Yes, it is possible to recover formatted files USB flash drive quickly. Here, we come up with an effective utility named SysTools USB Drive Data Recovery Software. Using this eminent application, you can recover formatted data from pen drive without any difficulty. Mainly, this software is programmed with the progressive functionalities which helps to provide an instant recovery of formatted data. This tool provides an easy-to-use interface. So, a geek user can also avail it without thinking couple times. However, it does not have any compatibility issue. It supports recovery from all types and brands of USB flash drive. Thus, if you need to utilize this marvelous recovery software so, you can get this by visiting our authoritative web page.

    Additional Benefits of Using This Flash Drive Recovery Tool

    Some of the extra advantages are listed in the oncoming segment that are facilitated by this amazing recovery software. Most probably, it is beneficial to utilize this USB flash drive recovery software to recover formatted files from USB flash drive. - Availability of free technical support 24X7 - Provide lifetime activation key - Update the software till one year for free - Money back guarantee for 30* days

    Steps to Recover Formatted Files From USB Flash Drive Flawlessly

    In order, to recover formatted data from pen drive is not that much tough. A geek user can also recover corrupted, deleted, and formatted files by implementing the below-outlined directions. Just, follow all the below-listed steps in an appropriate manner to perform the procedure to recover formatted files from USB flash drive. Let’s get start:

    Step 1: Primarily, install and launch the USB flash drive recovery tool into your desktop.

    Step 2: Then, the recovery tool will facilitate you with two options to scan your formatted flash drive i.e., Scan and Formatted Scan. So, you have to click on the Formatted Scan instead of Scan. Because you need to recover files after formatting the USB flash drive.

    Step 3: Subsequently, it will list out all the recovered folder into the left pane automatically. Basically, it highlights the folders which include the data inside. Just click on the preferred folder to explore and see the entire data files into the right pane of the application.

    Step 4: Now, you have to provide a preferred location where you need to save your outcome file. Additionally, you can also generate a new folder by selecting the Create New Folder button then hit on OK to proceed ahead.

    Special Tip!

    Once you find the occurrence of any kind of data loss issue on your USB flash drive. At times, you should have to immediately stop using that device. In case, your data is being overwritten then, it becomes impossible to regain on its previous state. Regularly run any reliable and trusted an anti-virus program to scan or remove a virus, worms, and bugs from the USB flash drive. Basically, this will help to avoid any future uncertainties.

    Time to Sum Up

    This article emphasized the perfect technique to recover formatted data from pen drive. Hopefully, you will get rid off from the common cause issue such as how to recover files from a formatted USB flash drive, with the help of this comprehensive post.


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