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Does Online PDF Unlocker is Better than Desktop-based Tools?

Go through this simple blog and know why desktop based PDF Unlocker is better than Online tools. Learn the different ways to remove security restrictions on PDF document.

  • Query Resolved - Does Online PDF Unlocker is Better than Desktop-based Tools?

    A PDF is a Portable Document Format which is used for saving images, text, graphics, etc. There are restrictions on PDF due to which users can’t copy, edit or take the print out of the file. However, security could be in terms of password also. Password protected PDF documents can restrict unauthorized users to open the document. However, in order to remove security restrictions on PDF document, PDF Unlocker system has come into existence. Basically, there can be two types of program, one is online and another one is desktop based. Now, to figure out which one is the best solution, read the blog thoroughly.

    Know Some Advantageous Features of Online PDF Unlocker

    There are plenty of Online tools available on the market to remove restrictions from PDF. But, to select the most reliable one is a difficult task. Some of the features of these online tools are as follows.

    1- Unlock protected PDF for copying, printing, editing, etc.

    2- User need to just upload the file and simply download it

    3- They can be works on multiple operating systems like Windows, Linux, etc.

    4- All files are processed in Cloud so there is no need to install any other software.

    How Online PDF Unlocker Remove Security Restrictions on PDF

    The steps involved in the working of an online solution to unprotect PDF documents are as follows:

    • To begin with, the user has to upload PDF file to unlocked

    • Further, click Unlock PDF File option

    • The process of PDF unlocking begins

    • Lastly, download the unsecured PDF file

    Get the Best Desktop-based Utility to Unlock PDF Files

    SysTools PDF Unlocker Program is the perfect online application which enables the user to remove restrictions from PDF document. Security like printing, copying, editing and extracting text can be removed by this tool. Users can also unprotect PDF documents having password security. Further, it unlocks PDF file in batch with the license of business or enterprise. This tool is smart enough to remove PDF comment protection, Signature restriction and enables form filling in PDF files. The software does not require the installation of Acrobat in order to remove security restrictions on PDF. Also, it is compatible with all Windows version i.e. 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.

    How SysTools PDF Unlocker Tool Unprotect PDF Documents

    1- To begin with, Launch the tool & Click on the Unlock button

    2- The moment the Unlock button is clicked, “Unlock PDF file” window will appear. To provide the source path for the file to be unlocked, Click on Browse

    3- After that choose PDF file from the stored location and click on the Open button

    4- The moment the file starts loading, the software shows permission and status for the current document.

    5- After removal of restriction from the selected PDF file, the software will create a new decrypted PDF file. Click on Browse button that is adjacent to destination box in order to save a decrypted copy of PDF.

    6- The destination location to be properly Browsed where the unlocked file will be stored. Make New Folder instead, if the folder or destination location does not exist.

    7- After that click on the “Unlock PDF” button to begin the process to remove security restrictions on PDF

    8- When the PDF gets unprotected successfully, a message box pops up. To proceed further Click OK

    9- The software shows the updated permissions in the Before & After column

    10- The unlocked PDF file can be tested for printing, copying and pasting features.

    Why Desktop based PDF Unlocker is better Online Utilities?

    Because the desktop based application does not require an internet connection to remove restrictions from PDF document. While, on the other hand for using the online utility strong internet connection is required. Moreover, there is no file size limitation for offline utilities. Lastly, the offline tool has a simple and user-friendly interface that even a novice user can understand it.


    The PDF file is popularly used by everyone. It has got many safety features which makes it difficult for the users to open it. But, at times it needs to unlocked and for that we have described both Online as well as Desktop-based PDF Unlocker programs. Both are effective in their own way so users can opt for any of them. Here, the complete working of both the software is discussed along with its features. Now it is up to the user to opt for the utility to unprotect PDF documents.


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