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Published 4 months ago by kxh with 3 Comments

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  • Gozzin

    I don't block "content",I block ads. Years ago,ad mongers had the chance to play nice on the internet and refused to do so...My blocking them is the end result. The advertising industry wants to remove your freedom to control your own computer & they forget, It's an internet browser, not an internet billboard.

    • Maternitus (edited 4 months ago)


      On my website I refuse to display advertising or make use of any adservice, which results in a site that contains no cookies or trackers. Another thing, which resulted in said website, is that ads on a site are, to me, something to be ashamed about. I do not feel well that my content is disturbed by ads and other screams for attention by third parties. If they want a place to sell their goods, they should create that and not disturb other people's ideas and thoughts with their, sometimes truely annoying, messages. Let those pesky advertisers have their own platform, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some other outlet that is already a sewage.
      Also, I think that the use of trackers and intrusive scripts goes against privacy and web-safety, two things that get thrown out of the window first when currency-signs get involved.

      • Gozzin (edited 4 months ago)

        I agree.Why do they think it's ok to turn everything into tacky,flashing,screaming demands to "BUY THIS!!!" Linux Internationals is the same way. The website hosting is paid for out of pocket.

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